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Cancer Development/Epigenetics/ Metabolism?

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

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A new study published in Briefings in Functional Genomics evaluated how epigenetics modulate human genetic programs and how it emphasizes or silences genes and concluded that if epigenetics is disrupted. it might switch on oncogenes (genes that under certain circumstances transform cells into tumor cells) or shut down tumor suppressors. Both processes will transform cells into tumor cells and cause cancer.

Experiments carried out years ago showed that chemical modification affecting the packaging of DNA can switch genes on or off. Epigenetics evolved to explain the changes caused by modification of gene expression , instead of altering the gene code itself and focuses on factors that regulate how and when certain genes are turned on and off.  In contract, epigenomics relates to the analysis of global epigenetic changes across many genes. Current research shows that complementary forces of on and off switches keep each other is check. If one force overtakes, the system gets out of equibrium. and the cells either experience unlimited growth, cancer, or death. It is believed that a better understanding of these processes will lead to counter factors to prevent cancer.


Feel Like Your In a Sacred Place or Have 1,000 Monks Praying for you.

Monday, March 6th, 2017

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Synthetic Marijuana Dangerous Says Researchers.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


A new study published in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences concluded that synthetic marijuana differs from chemically from marijuana and have dangerous side effects that include seizures, psychosis, dependence, and death, and are not safe substitutes even though they are marketed as safe, legal alternatives that cannot be detected by standard drug testing. Researchers discovered earlier that the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana, ?9-THC, activates two receptors, CB1 found in high amounts in the brain and central nervous system, and CB2, found mainly in the immune system. Researchers studying these receptors identified other naturally occurring chemicals and developed synthetic cannabinoids (SCB) compounds that also bind to them; collectively, these compounds are known as cannabinoids that activate the CB! and CB2 receptors. However, SCB’s and other cannabinoids are otherwise chemically different from marijuana. These SCB’s are now marketed and sold as synthetic marijuana under names such as K2 and Spice and have lead to increase emergency room visits with bizarre symptoms that did not correspond to symptoms seen with marijuana use.

Symptoms seen include both acute and long range effects including seizures and convulsions, kidney injury, cardio-toxicity, strokes, anxiety, psychosis in susceptible people, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms. Twenty deaths were also linked to using SCB. The researchers cautioned against dismissing the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and say results seem are from synthetic marijuana and they are not safe.

Multiple Sclerosis Healed by Ann Boroch, CNC

Sunday, January 15th, 2017


Ann Boroch, CNC, healed herself of multiple sclerosis and has been symptom free for 22 years. She brings her personal experience and 18 years of private practice to help you heal and recapture your vitality. Among her specialties: allergies, autoimmune diseases, and candida. Ann Boroch has released her 3rd book The Candid Cure Cookbook, Delicious Recipes to Reset Your Health & Restore Your Vitality Sugar-free, gluten-free, yeast-free & dairy free.

As a nutritional consultant, naturopath, educator, award-winning author, and inspirational speaker, Ann Boroch is passionate about helping people realize that the body has an innate intelligence that allows it to heal itself. She firmly believes that with choice and diligence, each of us has the power to overcome any challenge. Ann Boroch also appears in the documentary The Business of Disease. To find out more about Ann Boroch please visit the following link

Enjoy the interview below:


No Show this Week.

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Due to holiday travel and illness I was unable to get a show together this week. The previously scheduled show will be presented nest time. Happy New Years to all. .

Beat Cancer B-4 it Starts-Holistically

Thursday, November 24th, 2016


New holistic cancer prevention booklet uses a holistic approach and gives you the latest research summaries, how to’s, and 43 national expert interviews. Reduce Your Cancer Risk: A holistic approach includes EMF’s, ultra violet rays, carcinogenic chemicals and  metals, toxic food and drinks, and the value of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, supplements, immune builders, and others as well as mental-spiritual aspects such as gratitude, prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualization and others.  Available as a gift for a $12 or more donation in which you also receive a tax receipt. Additional information and donate button under the Store Button at:    

Can Depression Influence Lung Cancer Survival?

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

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A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on October 3 concluded that worsening symptoms depression are associated with shorter survival for lung cancer patients, especially for those in the early stages of the disease. On the other hand, when symptoms lift, survival tends to improve. Researchers said “This study cannot prove causation–but it lends support to the idea that surveillance for depression symptoms and treatment for depression could provide significant impact on patients outcomes, perhaps even a mortality benefit.” They also said “Suprisingly, depression remission was associated with a mortality benefit as they had the same mortality as never-depressed patients.”

In the study more than 1700 newly diagnosed lung cancer patients between 2003 and 2005 who had completed an eight item depression assessment at diagnoses and 12 months later were followed. they found almost 40 percent or 681 people had depressive symptoms at diagnosis and 14 percent or 105 people developed new-onset symptoms during treatment. Those depressed at the beginning of the study were 17 percent more likely to die during follow up than those with out depressive symptoms. Those (105 patients) with newly-diagnosed depression symptoms were 50 percent more likely to die than those (640 patients) who never developed depression. And another 254 patients whose depression lasted throughout the study period were 42 percent more likely to die. However, those whose depression at diagnoses were free of depression one year later had the same risk of death as those without depression.

Researchers concluded “Clinicians have to do a better job of treating the whole person and not focusing on the disease only.” “From the patients’ perspective, hopefully some of them will take a look at this study and realize the feelings they arew experiencing are common and they will feel empowered to advocate for themselves and ask their clinician for help or resources when they need it.”

Can Men with a High Genetic Chance of Bowel Cancer lower their Risk with a Healthy Lifestyle?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Recent research published in the journal Genetics in Medicine concluded that men with a high genetic risk of developing bowel cancer over the next 25 years could have a lower of developing the disease if they have a healthy lifestyle. They continue that men of 50 who have a high risk of developing bowel cancer have a 29 per cent risk of developing the disease within 25 years and by living healthy the risk could drop as low as 13 per cent.

In the study genetic and lifestyle risk factors were combined to help find men at the highest risk of developing bowel cancer.  Mathematical models of 37 different factors that could put people at risk of cancer were used to calculate how likely it was for a man to be diagnosed with bowel cancer over the following 25 years. Factors included inherited genetic faults increasing the risk of bowel cancer, and lifestyle factors affecting that risk such as consumption of alcohol, red meat, and fruit and vegetables, body mass index, smoking habits, physical activity, aspirin use, and inflammatory bowel disease. Based upon their findings they estimated 610 cases of bowel cancer could be prevented over the following 25 years if 10,000 men in the highest risk category had the healthiest lifestyle.  For men in the lowest risk group, 70 cases of bowel cancer could be prevented.

Researchers concluded “Bowel cancer is one of the biggest cancer killers and the number of cases is going up in the Western world. We have made big strides in our understanding of the genetic and lifestyle factors  that can contribute to the development of bowel cancer, and that gives us an opportunity to begin assessing people for their future risk. If we can identify people who are at a strongly increased risk, through genetic and lifestyle factors, we can begin to give them targeted health messages, aimed at helping them make choices that could prevent the disease.”

No New Show Next Week–An Archived One

Sunday, September 4th, 2016


For Professional Reasons  I am unable to present a new show next week. An archived one from my 8 p;us years of shows will be selected and played. I will return for the following show with something special. Thanks.

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Repeat Show From Archives Next Week.

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

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My doctor says I need to take a couple weeks off because of work overload so there will be no new show next week. Instead a rerun from the archives will be broadcast. I will return with a new show in two weeks.