Tips on Tamoxifen in Breast Cancer Treatment

Tamoxifen is one of the most common conventional treatments for breast cancer after surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Some of the downsides of Tamoxifen are:
1)The cancer of about 20 to 30% of all breast cancer patients are not effected by Tamoxifen (an estrogen driven drug) because their cancers are not estrogen-driven.
2)In Estrogen-driven breast cancer, Tamoxifen may not be effective if the cancer has metastasized.
3).This drug may not permanently stop cancer cells from growing, but instead puts them temporarily into a deep sleep.
4).There are many side effects to this drug and some are life threatening. Research shows that the risk of a potentially fatal lung blood clot is tripled, and the risk of a stroke, blindness, and liver dysfunction are significantly increased. Less severe side effects include hot flashes, night seats, depression, nausea and vomiting.
5) It may cause aggressive endometrial cancer in women who are using it for breast cancer.

Results of short term studies on Tamoxifen in the United States are more encouraging than longer studies carried out in Europe. For additional information and research see Pierce, Tanya Harter (2004) Outsmarting Your Cancer, Stateline, Nevada: Thoughtworks Publishing Co.

Because of these concerns be sure to discuss the pros and cons and other concerns of Tamoxifen with your physician or health care worker if it is recommended. .

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