Hoxsey Therapy-Another Successful Alternative Cancer Treatment

The Hoxsey treatment for cancer has been around since 1924 when Harry Hoxsey opened his first clinic. He used his herbal tonic successfully with many patients. Ingredients of the original tonic included potassium iodine, licorice, red clover, burdock root, stillingia root, berberis root, poke root, cascara sagrada, prickley ash bark, and buckthorne bark. Some who currently use this tonic have made minor changes in the herbs but it is still effective. These are some of the same herbs recommended by Edgar Cayce in his readings for cancer patients and also used in their cancer syrup Trifolium manufactured by the Parke-Davis Company. Many reports claim a success rate of 80 to 95% without reoccurance when this treatment is used as a first defense before surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.
The Hoxsey therapy was the first widely used alternative non-toxic cancer treatment in the United States. It was used by thousands of patients in clinics throughout the United States and at one time around 1953 there were about 12,000 patients at the main clinic in Dallas, Texas that was the largest private cancer center in the world.
Hoxsey was challenged continually by the medical world and government but at one point a team of medical doctors review his client outcomes and treatments and concluded that he was “successfully treating pathologically proven cases of cancer, both internal and external without the use of surgery, radium or x-rays. Accepting the standard yardstick of cases that have remained symptom-free in excess of five to six years after treatment, established by medical authorities, we have seen sufficient cases to warrent such a conclusion. Some of those presented before us have been free of symptoms for as long as twenty-four years, and the physical evidence indicates that they are all enjoying exceptional health at this time. We as a Committee, feel the Hoxsey treatment is superior to such conventional methods of treatment as x-ray, radium and surgery. ……”
Although Hoxsey was exonerated by the courts he continued to be harrassed and eventually moved his clinic to Mexico. Even his nurse, Mildred Nelson, joined him to prove him a hoax but when he successfully treated her mother she became an ardent follower and thus, continued his work in Mexico when he died. It is an interesting story that the reader might enjoy locating and reading.
The herbs in the Hoxsey treatment serve as blood purifiers or cleansers, cleansing the organs and reactivating the immune system. They also reduce the blood supply to the tumor reducing tumor growth and also change the body fluids to an alkaline state that further inhibits tumor growth. All efforts are toward bring the body back to a precancerous state. In general the goal of treatment is to rebuild deficiencies and inhibit or eliminate cancer cells using supplements; cleansing the organs of toxins with the blood purifiers; returning the body to a healthy alkaline state with diet and herbs, and counseling on the removal of environmental factor such as stress and toxins that are conducive to cancer.

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