Take Action to Protect Vitamin B-6 as a Natural Food Supplement

In our upcoming show this Saturday, Author, and Family and Marriage counselor Tanya Harter Pierce talks about past efforts of the drug industry to suppress successful natural non-toxic cancer treatments because they do not own them and would not profit from them. So the next best thing would be to suppress them and force the public to the drugs they own. She also talks about the process used to suppress these natural non-toxic treatments and how difficult this concept is for the drug inmdustry, FDA, American public to understand because they believe something that will help others would be on the market and if it isn’t then it must not be safe or effective.

The drug industry has also been known to work with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the Federal Government to try to take natural food supplements that have proven successful and that they can make money from and make them drugs. This deprives the American public of these health substances or at the least costs them more money in order to put money in the pockets of the drug industry.

One current example is Vitamin B-6 which has been demonstrated by research to be effective and safe against the following conditions: skin wrinkling; atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation, cataract formation, kidney failure, diabetes complications, and Alzheimers disease among others. Pyridoxamine the natural form of Vitamin B-6 is the safest form of Vitamin B-6 and is found naturally in small amounts in foods such as fish, chicken, walnuts, carrots, eggs, and others. Now the FDA seems to have caved in to the Drug Industry by accepting their petitioned to investigate this natural food and food supplement and consider making it a new drug. Without pressure from the public this may become a drug and cost the public far more than it does currently. It may also be restricted to certain uses and require a prescription. .Thus, from what I read it seems to this author that instead of protecting the public health and welfare the FDA is protecting the profits of the Drug Industry. There is something you can do. Go to www.lef.org/pyridoxamine for a full discussion of the actions taken to date and what you can do to protect the interests of the public.

You may wonder why I am writing about this topic. However, if you look at my definition of Holistic Health on my website you will see that I define it as physical, mental, and spiritual health; relationships; the environment; and political action. Working with all of these concepts is necessary to protect your health. Political action is as important as other concepts identified because political groups are involved in most major decisions about health and health care and all of their decisions affect you. So I ask you to take action today and be involved.

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