Dr Ellen Kamhi and Ms Cindy Holt, both R.N.’s, will be Interviewed Saturday on the Holistic Health Show


Dr Carl O Helvie will interview Dr Ellen Kamhi and Ms Cindy Holt on BBS Radio (www.bbsradio.com) on Station 1 at 12 noon PST or 3 p.m. EST next Saturday. This change to a new station, date and time for the show was necessitated by changes at the radio station. Thereafter, the show will be broadcast every other week on station 1 at the times identified above. The shows will continue to be posted on this site, itunes, podcast alley, and podcast pickle on the day following the broadcast.

A biography and picture of Dr Kamhi and Ms. Holt were posted on an earlier blog. Please refer to these for more information. I look forward to having you as a listener of this important information on arthritis.

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