Yoga,Massage, and Physical Therapy for Back Pain Treatment and Prevention




Guests of Dr Carl O Helvie on Saturday on the Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio are: Ms Elaine Masters (left), Dr Kathy Gruver(right), and Ms Peggy Hall (below). Elaine Masters has baccalaureate degrees in fine arts (Cornish College and San Francisco State University)and is certified as a yoga teacher with the yoga alliance in kinepathics, hatha yoga and somatic movement. Elaine has been practicing yoga for decades and commutes to speaking engagements throughout southern California. She is a mom, and the award winning author of Drivetime Yoga. She recently launched the Flytime Yoga Passport Wallet and Booklet. Her company, the YogoProject, creates yoga inspired products for travel ease. She will share some small simple techniques to do safely while driving or at stop lights or while flying in order to arrive relaxed and ready to play. More information is available at

Dr Kathy Gruver has a doctorate as a traditional naturopath, a masters in natural health and is pursuing a PhD. She is also a liscensed massage therapist and has 20 years and over 10,000 hours of medical massage and natural health experience. She works with people having back pain using deep trigger point massage and mind/body medicine to see a decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion. She has been featured as an expert in publications such Massage Magazine, Discovery, First for Women, Dermascope Magazine, and Pacific Coast Business Times. She has written many health and wellness articles and appeared as guest on 30 radio shows covering topics such as back pain, mind/body medicine, healthy pregnancy, homeopathics, nutrition, and patient advocacy. Kathy’s first book the Alternative Medicine Cabinet will be available in April. She also produced an instructional massage DvD titled Therapeutic Massage at Home: Learn to Rub People the Right Way. More information is available at:

Peggy Hall was called America�s Ultimate Wellness Expert by Woman’s World Magazine. She is the featured health and wellness expert for the ABC radio network with her weekly wellness segment syndicated to 200 stations coast to coast. She is also a contributing writer for Clean Eating Magazine, and the creator of the Three Day Detox Diet.
Peggy holds a baccalaureate degree in political science, a masters degree in iinternational relations, and is certified in nutrition and yoga. She is the creator of the best selling Yoga for Surfers instructional DVD series. More information is available at

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