TENS Found Not Effective for Chronic Low Back Pain


According to new guidelines published in the December, 2009 issue of Neurology transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS) which is used widely for pain management is probably ineffective for chronic low back pain and is,thus, not recommended for low back pain that has persisted for 3 months or longer(chronic). These guidelines are a result of research studies reviewed in which all but one excluded people with known caused of low back pain. The results of the research reviewed showed that TENS did not ease chronic low back pain resulting from causes such as multiple sclerosis, a pinched nerve, scoliosis (severe curvature of the spine), obesity, spondylolisthesis ( severe displacement of a backbone), or had no known cause. The author of the new guidelines, Dr Richard Dubinsky, a researcher at Kansas University Medical Center said there is no benefit for people using TENS for chronic back pain.

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