Shark Cartilage and Lung Cancer


A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute on May 26 concluded that shark cartilage showed no benefit for advanced non-small cell lung cancer when combined with chemotherapy and radiation. In this Phase III study 379 newly diagnosed untreated Stage III non-small cell lung cancer patients from 53 sites in the United States and Canada were enrolled between June 2000 and February 2006. Using a randomized design patients were given either shark cartilage or a placebo, both in the form of a liquid. Subjects drank 4 ounces of the extract twice daily during and following standard treatment. With a median 3.7 years follow up, researchers did not find a significant difference between those receiving the shark cartilage (14.4 months) and those receiving a placebo (15.6 months). The lead researcher concluded ” these results demonstrate that AE-941 is not an effective therapeutic agent for lung cancer.”

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