A Variety of Fruit and Vegetables May Reduce Risk of Squamous Cell Lung Cancer in Smokers


A study in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention Journal concluded that adding a variety of vegetables to your diet may decrease the risk of getting lung cancer and adding a variety of fruit and vegetables may decrease the chances of both smokers and non-smokers getting squamous cell lung cancers. Even though quitting smoking is the best preventive method for reducing the risk of lung cancer eating a variety of fruit and vegetables may also reduce that risk.
Information was obtained from 452,187 individuals who completed the information and 1,613 of these were diagnosed with lung cancer. Data included information on 14 commonly eaten fruits and 26 commonly eaten vegetables that were fresh, canned or dried. Unlike previous studies that focused on quantity of fruit and vegetables and this study expanded to variety of these. For additional information see the original article.

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