Prostate Cancer and Vitamin E


Researchers at Queensland University of Technology report that the survival rate of those+ with prostate cancer may increase in the future due to a new vitamin E treatment. Because existing chemotherapy and hormone therapy treatments for prostate cancer do not kill the prostate cancer stem cells believed to cause the regrowth of prostate cancer, the researchers discovered a specific form of T3, called gamma tocotrienol (y-T3) that successfully kills prostate cancer stem cells and has the potential to inhibit the recurrence of prostate cancer. Using mice implanted with the prostate cancer cells and fed vitamin E in a 1 year study over 70% showed no cancer formations. In the remaining subjects of the experimental group tumor regrowth was considerably reduced and in the control group 100% of the subjects had tumor regrowth. Further information is available at: Queensland University of Technology (2010, October 24) Vitamin E in front line of prostate cancer fight. Science Daily Retreived October 24, 2010 from

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