Cancer Cell Growth May Be Slowed by Blocking Sugar Pathways


Research from Johns Hopkins University published online in the November 15 issue of Cancer Research and as a news alert from Johns Hopkins (see link below) “concluded that researchers have identified a compound that might be used to starve cancer cells of their sugar-based building blocks.” Although not tested on humans or animals yet, the compound, a glutaminase inhibitor called BPTES, has been tested on lab cultured sugar-hungry brain cancer cells. In their research they used BPTES on cells engineered to have IDHI mutations that seem to convert cell building blocks to nutrients that feed cancer cells. Results show that cancer cells growth was reduced by 30%. Thus, it did not completely stop cancer cell growth. but slowed its progress. Further research is planned to refine BPTES and to try it with other types of cancer cells. Additional information is available at:

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