Many Health Risks Reduced by Regular Exercise


There has been much research published in the past on the effects of regular exercise on preventing many health concerns. However, the following is reported here because the authors reviewed 40 of the most important recent papers and summarized the findings from these reports. Published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice the authors concluded thatwith the exception of not smoking, regular exercise is the most important lifestyle change an individual interested in maintaining his health can make. This change could reduce the risk of developing about 25 physical or mental conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, haemorrhagic stroke, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia and premature death. Recommendations for the frequency and type of exercise, thet age at which it should start, and other important information is provided. For those health conscious readers who wish to improve their health the article is recommended. See the following link for the full report.

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