Pomegranate Juice May Stop the Spread of Cancer Cells


Research presented at the December 12, 2010 50th annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology reported finding components in pomegranate juice that inhibits cancer cell movement and weakens their attraction to a chemical signal that promotes movement of prostate cancer cells to the bone. The researchers applied pomegranate juice to laboratory cultured testosterone resistant prostate cancer cells because it has been found that the more prone a cancer cell is to testosterone the less likely it is to metastasize. They found that tumor cells treated with pomegranate juice that did not die showed decreased migration. They identified the components active in this process and explained that these components inhibits the functioning of a protein produced by the bone marrow that causes cancer cells to move to the bone and form new tumors.
More research is planned to determine whether or not the same results can be found without side effects using an in vitro model.
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