Lower Risk of Colon Cancer Death May be Related to Consistent Exercise Program


In a new study reported in Cancer Edidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention researchers concluded that ” long-term participation in physical activity provides the greatest reduction in risk of colon cancer deaths.” Although previous research has shown an association between exercise and colon cancer risk, there has been little research on the effect of changes in physical activity and risk of colon cancer occurrence and deaths. Researchers examined the association of 10 year and 15 year change in physical activity with risk of colon cancer occurrence and death as part of the Cancer Prevention Study II. Deaths and Cancer Occurrence were verified through examination of medical records or the National Death Index linkage. Of the more than 125,000 individuals in the study there were 1863 Incident of colon cancer and 826 fatal cases (deaths) at the end of 10 years and 1386 incident and 602 fatal cancer cases at the end of 15 years. Findings showed that consistent high physical activity over the study period was associated with a decrease in colon cancer deaths compared to those who had a consistent low level of physical activity. “Those consistently at or above the sample median physical activity level over 15 years had half the risk of colon cancer deaths as those consistently below the median.” Neither measure of physical activity change was associated with the colon cancer incidence. More information is available at:

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