More Predictions for 2011 with Phyllis Pricer and Annette Castellano


The second in two special programs for the New Year on predictions for 2011 will include interviews with Phyllis Pricer (pictured) and Annette Castellano by Dr Carl O Helvie, Host, Holistic Health Show.

Phyllis Pricer is a certified master hypnotherapist , a practitioner of jin shin jyutsuy, a medium and a psychic. She has worked in the health care field and is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in the business world. She does individual psychic readings, hypnosis, and spiritual counseling.

Her life work and company, Multiple Pathways brings together intuitive information, holistic healing, and practical applications to unify the body, mind and spirit and explore a wide range of disciplines and methods–traditional and holistic medicine and various philosophies and practices– to demonstrate that we have many ways of getting back to and reconnecting with our source which is God.

Phyllis previously hosted Higher Dimensions an internet radio talk show on BBS Radio every week where multiple pathways were explored. She is available for psychic readings, hypnotherapy, corporate and individual training, and alternative healing therapy. She can be reached at: (202) 387-2080 or

Annette Castellano, is an intuitive who has lectured extensively and demonstrated her intuitive insights to people of all walks of life for over 40 years on both the east and west coasts. She has appeared on radio throughout the New York Metropolitan Area and has produced shows with TCTV Channel 3 promoting holistic lifestyles.

Annette holds a pre-law degree with a background in Human Resource Management, and is a Washington State certified mediator. She has authored the popular program Understanding Intuition and How to Use It that promotes self-esteem and empowerment through the understanding and use of intuition. She teaches at a local college in the state of Washington and can be reached at: for private counseling, lectures, intuitive training and public events.

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