Broccoli combined with Sprouts and Supplements Increase the Anti Cancer Properties


A new study published in the January issue of Nutrition and Cancer reported that properly prepared broccoli combined with sprouts and supplements will increase it’s anti-cancer fighting property. An individual should eat 3 to 5 servings a week of broccoli and steaming it for 2 to 4 minutes is the best way to preserve its nutrients and enzymes. You should never overcook broccoli. The enzyme myrosinase must be present in the prepared food to form sulforaphane, the cancer preventive and anti-inflammatory compound. Overcooking may destroy these properties and using broccoli powder as many do may be ineffective if it does not contain the necessary enzyme. Add broccoli sprouts may boost the effectiveness of the powder as an anti cancer product.

In their pilot study the researchers used 4 healthy men who ate meals containing broccoli sprouts alone, broccoli powder alone, or a combination of the two. The researchers checked the blood and urine of the subjects for the level of sulforaphane. Three hours after eating there was almost a two fold increase in sulforaphane absorbed when sprouts and powder were eaten together than when either was eaten alone. Thus, myrosinase from the sprouts produced sulforaphane and also activated the precursors in the broccoli powder to form sulforaphane. Other foods identified that contain sulforaphane that can be combined with broccoli and boost its effect include mustard, radishes, arugula and walsabi. the researcher suggested “sprinkle broccoli sprouts on your broccoli or make a mustard sauce to serve with broccoli.”

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