Increased Accuracy with New Prostate Cancer Screening Test


A study to be published in the May issue of the Journal of Urology concluded that a new PSA test for screening prostate cancer is more accurate and specific and substantially reduces false positives compared to the currently used PSA tests based upon a large multi-center clinical trial. The new test could lead to fewer false positives, unnecessary biopsies, and the over treatment of slow developing cancer that would never have caused suffering and death. The test will “focus on the detection of more life-threatening prostate cancers and reduce unnecessary biopsies in men 50 years of age and older.”
The study followed 900 patients from 10 sites and found the new PSA test (Pro-PSA) was especially useful for patients with a normal prostate examination whose PSA was 2 to 10 that is considered a gray zone for prostate cancer because most men with higher levels have prostate cancer and those with lower levels do not.
The Pro-PSA teast has been approved for use in Europe and is being reviewed by the FDA.More information is available at:

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