Being Taller Increases Risk of Cancer for Women


Research published in online Lancet Oncology concluded that taller women are an at an increased risk of developing a wide range of cancers (breast, ovary, bowel. skin, leukemia, and melanoma). According to the researchers, there is an increase risk of cancer by 16% for each 10cm (4 inches) increase in height and this association holds for women from Asia, Europe, and North America.
The study evaluated 97,000 women who developed cancer over a 10 year period and were between 5 feet and 5 feet 9 inches tall. Researchers found the average incidence of cancer for women of average height was 850/100,000 women per year whereas at a height of 5 feet it was 750/100.000 and at 5 feet 9 inches it was 1000/100,000 per year. The incidence of cancer varied slightly by cancer type. For example, for every 4 inch increase in height the incidence of breast cancer rose by 17% but for uterine cancer it rose by 19%. Two factors identified that may account for the differences seen included hormonal changes, nutrition.

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