Ellie Peterson Talks about Meditative Yoga on the Holistic Health Show on Saturday.

My third guest on Saturday is Ellie Peterson.  Ellie  is the creator of an innovative technique that brings improved health, enthusiasm and well being through the synergy of affirmations like “I can”, “I am loved”, and “I release fear” with yoga balance/flexibility, cardio, and strengthening, movements. Ellie’s holistic approach is effective in bringing about changed lives because it combines both exercise movements and affirmations into an active process thereby energizing individual’s mind, body and being.  This new, one-of-a-kind fitness program is embraced by any age: elementary & high school students, new mothers, busy working adults and seniors.   Ellie is author of the Meditative Yoga eBook, Meditative Movements book, and Power of Positive Aerobics DVD and as a speaker she inspires people of all ages to affirm themselves as they move

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