Is Non-Surgical Diagnosis of Brain Tumors Possible?

The results of a pilot study published in the online edition of Neuro-Oncology demonstrated that brain tumors can be reliably diagnosed and monitored without surgery. Previously unavailable or unreliable the researchers said ” We are excited about the potential that this test has to ease the process of detecting and monitoring brain tumors.” “The test needs to be further developed before it is used in a clinical setting, but I expect it could be particularly valuable for patients who are not surgical candidates.”

In the pilot study of 118 patients with different types of brain tumors, the researchers showed that micro RNA profiling of cerebrospinal fluid can be used to determine the presence of glioblastoma, the most common and lethal form of brain cancer. The micro or tiny RNA molecules are excellent bio markers for various conditions and their levels can be accurately measured in body fluids so it is a simple and inexpensive procedure. This same process could be used to detect the presence of cancer that started in another body site and spread to the brain as well as monitoring the tumor during treatment.

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