During What Period of the Life Cycle Does Most Cancer Causing Skin Damage Occur?

A new study reported on several news sites and to be published in the next issue of Science of the Total Environment concluded that UV exposure during a person’s first 18 years of life was the most critical fopr cancer-causing skin damage and skin aging. Although skin degradation continues after age 50 and skin protection  must continue but the major damage is done while a child and teenager.

One hundred and eighty people between age 18 and 83 years of age were imaged with the UV camera and interviewed to determine their level of sun exposure. A unique, non-invasive “UV camera” that took images of skin damage and aging invisible to the naked eye was used to measure the relationship between lifetime sun exposure and skin cancer risks. This allowed examination of  people’s skin  for skin cancer risk factors without an invasive biopsy. Hyper pigmentation of skin was measured to determine levels of damage and wrinkles to indicate skin aging.  The researchers said the message of the research is to look after your skin as a chid and teenager to prevent skin damage and wrinkles.

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