Can Touch Therapy Reduce Pain and Nausea in Cancer Patients?

A new study presented at the 2012 Markey Cancer Center Research Day reported that patients receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu had significant improvement in side effects of cancer treatment after one session of this ancient touch therapy. One hundred fifty nine cancer patients were asked before and after each Jin Shin Jyutsu to assess their symptoms of pain, stress, and nausea on a 0 to 10 scale where 0 represented no symptoms.During a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, patients received a light touch on 52 specific energetic points as well as fingers, toes, and midpoints on the upper arm, upper calf, and lower leg in predetermined orders known as “flows.”

Results reported that patients showed improvement after each session of Jin Shin Jyutsu with a mean decrease of 3 points for stress, and 2 points for both pain and nausea. These results were independent of age, sex or diagnoses.  Although treatments were offered in the Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment Room, Chemotherapy Outpatient Clinic, or the patient’s hospital room, the greatest overall improvement was noted when carried out in the Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment Room where sessions were usually longer.

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