Fastest Camera in World Used for Cancer Cell Detection.

In the current issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the researchers discussĀ  a new camera they developed that is fast enough and sensitive enough to detect a limited number of cancer cells among billions of healthy ones. This ability to distinguish and isolate specific cells from a large population of healthy cells has been important for early diagnoses and treatment progress. For example, there may be a handful of cancer cells that are precursors to metastasis among a billion healthy cells and these cells cause 90 percent of cancer mortality. Thus, the new camera can do that. The researchers say “To catch these elusive cells, the camera must be able to capture and digitally process millions of images continuously at a very high frame rate.” “Conventional SSD and CMOS cameras are not fast and sensitive enough. It takes time to read the data from the array of pixels, and they become less sensitive to light at high speed.” The new blood-screening technology has a throughput of 100,000 cells per second, and that is approximately 100 times higher than conventional imaging-based blood analyses. ” This technology can significantly reduce error in medical diagnoses. Further research is ongoing to evaluate the clinical utility of the technology.

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