Can Pan-Fried Meat Increase the Risk of Prostate Cancer?

Recent research published in Carcinogenesis concluded that cooking red meats at high temperatures, especially pan-fried red meats, may increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer by as much as 40%. These findings add to previous limited research studies on this association. About 2,000 men were analyzed in a case controlled study on prostate cancer who completed a comprehensive questionnaire evaluating amounts and type of meat eaten, including processed red meat and poultry. Information was also collected on type of cooking (pan-fried, oven broiling and grilling) practices.  Over 1,000 men in the study were diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.

Researchers found that men who ate more than 1.5 servings of pan-fried red meat per week increased their risk of advanced prostate cancer by 30%, and those who at4e more than 2.5 servings of red meat cooked at high temperatures were 40% more likely to have advanced prostate cancer. They found that hamburger but not steak were linked to an increase risk of prostate cancer and men who ate baked chicken had a lower risk of prostate cancer but those who pan0fried their chicken had a higher risk. The researchers concluded “The observations from this study are not enough to make any health recommendations, but given¬† the few modifiable risk factors known for prostate cancer, the understanding of dietary factors and cooking methods are of high public health relevance.”

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