Could a Cup of Herbal Tea Help Fight Breast Cancer?

A news release from Aston University on August 24 concluded that a cup of herbal tea might fight breast cancer. The plant, Fagonia cretica, known as Virgon’s Mantlem, is commonly used as an herbal tea in Pakistan and has traditionally been used by rural women with breast cancer.  Although in the past it has been regarded as folklore, women reported that it had none of the serious common side effects associated with other cancer treatment such as loss of hair, a drop in blood count, or diarrhea.

Now researchers at Aston University and Russell Hall Hospital have started testing the plant extract and find it is responsible for killing cancer cells without damaging normal breast cells in laboratory conditions. Next, the researchers plan to determine the element or elements in the extract that kill the cells and then follow up with human cancer patients. The researchers say “More research is needed to establish the role of the extract in cancer management and it now needs to be demonstrated that the extract is effective in killing cancer cells inside the body as it is within laboratory.”  “Some of the most important cancer-fighting drugs are originally derived from plants. As this research is in the very earliest stage we wont know for quite some time whether drugs derived from this plant will be effective in treating breast cancer but will look forward to seeing any progress.”

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