A Simple Blood Test Can Detect Lung and Breast Cancers Before Symptoms.

A new study reported in Mail Online concluded that a new blood test can accurately detect the beginning stages of lung and breast cancers long before symptoms appear. In their initial study researchers had a 95% success rate detecting cancer in participants including those with stages 0 and 1 breast cancer, and those with stages 1 and 2 lung cancer. Stage 2 is when patients usually begin to have symptoms.

In the test increased enzyme activity indicating illness  and found in the blood are mixed with certain amino acids along with a dye that interact. Each type of cancer produces a specific enzyme pattern, or signature, that can be identified by the doctor.  The researchers see this as a first step into a new arena of investigations and suggest that the people who could most benefit are those classified as at risk for cancer, such as heavy smokers and people who have a family history of cancer.  He said “The idea is these at-risk groups could go to their physician’s office quarterly or once a year, take an easy–to-do, noninvasive test, and be told early on whether cancer had possibly developed.”

?Researchers tested the accuracy of the test on 32 participants in various stages of breast or lung cancer. Data was collected from 20 people with breast cancer ranging from age 36 to 81, and 12 lung cancer patients ranging in age from 27 to 63. Twelve controls without cancer were tested for comparison and ranged in age from 26 to 62.  A blood test from each participant was tested 3 times and analysis showed a 95% success rate in detecting cancer in subjects. Further research to test pancreatic cancer and triple-negative breast cancer is planned beginning next month.

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