Can Carbohydrates Increase the Risk of Cancer Recurrence Among Colon Cancer Survivors?

A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute concluded that colon cancer survivors whose diet is high in complex sugars and carbohydrate-rich foods are far more likely to have a recurrence of the disease than those patients who eat a more balanced diet.

One thousand eleven stage III colon cancer patients who had undergone surgery and follow up chemotherapy for their disease  reported their dietary intake during and six months after the trial.  Researchers tracked the total carbohydrates and glycemic index (a measure of how quickly the blood sugar levels rise after eating particular food), and glycemic load (a measure of the amount of carbohydrate actually consumed) on subjects and looked for a relationship between these measures and recurrence of cancer.

Subjects with the highest dietary levels of glycemic load and carbohydrate intake were found to have an 80 percent increased risk for colon cancer recurrence when compared to those who had the lowest levels. In addition, among subjects who were overweight or obese (a body mass index above 25 kg/m2, the increase was even higher. Researchers say “In light of our and other’s research, we theorize that factors including a high glycemic load may stimulate the body’s production of of insulin. That, in turn, may increase the proliferation of cells and prevent the naturalk cell-death process in cancer cells that have metastasized from their original site.” The researcher concluded “Our study certainly supports the idea that diet can impact the progression of colon cancer, and that patients and their doctors should consider this when making post-treatment plans. But further research is nee4ded to confirm our findings.”

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