Can Exercise Reduce Fatigue in Cancer Patients?

A new report in Cochrane Summaries concluded that aerobic exercises can help relieve fatigue associated with cancer and cancer treatment.  An earlier study found that exercise had some benefits of physical activity for fatigue in cancer based upon limited studies. A new review added 28 more studies to those evaluated in 2008 bringing to a total of 56 studies with 4,068 people with cancer. Half of the studies were with breast cancer patients. Findings showed that those with solid tumors  benefited from aerobic exercises, such as walking or cycling, both during and after cancer treatment.  However, other forms of exercise, including resistance training, did not significantly reduce fatigue.  The researchers said “The evidence suggests that exercise may help reduce cancer-related fatigue and should therefore be considered as one component of a strategy for managing fatigue that may included a rang, showing specifically that aerobic exercises, both during and after cancer treatment can be beneficial.” e if other interventions and education.”  Thy further said “This update review provides a more precise conclusion

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