Guests for Saturday on the Holistic Health Show are Carmelina Vargas and Tamara St John (both breast cancer survivors).

My guests for Saturday are Carmelina Vargas (left) and Tamara St John.  Both are breast cancer survivors.

My first guest, Carmelina Vargas is a singer/songwriter, warrior against cancer and aspiring author. The daughter of a merengue musician and born in Barahona, Dominican Republic, she now lives and works in New York City.

Carmelina first appeared on the national music scene in the summer of 2008 with the release of her first single Mueve Las Caderas,” a rhythmic modern Pop/R&B track infused with a tropical style. ASCAP Latino highlighted Carmelina’s debut album titled “Morena” (Morena Records, June 9, 2009) as one of the most anticipated albums of the coming year.

As things were heating up for Carmelina, she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. After undergoing surgery and treatments, and being true to the fighter and positive spirit that she is, Carmelina returns to her music and her fans as a survivor. Using her music as a platform, Carmelina actively promotes breast cancer awareness through performances at numerous events for the American Cancer Society and her endeavors received national recognition from Congressman Charles B Rangel of New York’s 15th District.

Carmelina’s survivor story, professional accomplishments and musical talent have been featured on  New York Socialite Examiner, Corrientelantina,.com,, and artist of the week on Reverbnation, as well as in the pages of DTN Magazine, El Especial Newspaper and Metro International.  At the end of her interview we will hear her latest song “Alegria” or joy released July of this year.

My second guest, Tamara St. John holds a Masters in Business Administration with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance.  She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Accounting and Financial Management at two universities in Southern California.  After finding Breast Cancer in 2009 and healing it using only alternative methods;   Tamara started her business “Alternative Health Solutions” with a website address at and a facebook page at

She has been featured on various radio shows; such as, The Robert Scott Bell Show, Homegrown Health with Joni Cox, and Dr. Judy Seeger’s radio show, amongst others.  Tamara is also a published writer, having written for Nutricula magazine online.  She also currently conducts consultations with those who want motivational support with the alternative Cancer plan she created; “Defeat Cancer Now.”  Tamara is currently writing a book about her cancer battle, the alternative methods she used, and her structured plan to defeating Cancer now.  Her motto is; “You Can Achieve Optimum Health through God’s Pharmacy.”

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