Can Fungus Be Used in the Fight Against Cancer?

A recent study published in Advanced Functional Materials concluded that nanoparticles produced by A. oligos pora, a fungus, hold promise for stimulating the immune system and killing tumors.

Using in vitro studies the researchers found that nanoparticles activated secretion of an immune-system stimulant within a white blood cell line showing that they could stimulate the immune system. They also explored the potential of the nanoparticle as an anti-cancer agent by testing in vitro the toxicity to cells using two tumor cell lines, and discovered that nanoparticles do kill cancer cells. The researchers say nature faces many diseases, and offer mechanisms for curing them as a result of evolution.  Nature-based nanostructures have almost endless diversity that may offer solutions for therapeutic applications. “This study could be the entrance into a gold mine of new materials to treat cancer,” “This exciting discovery is the first step forward to the development of natural nanoparticle-based therapeutics for cancer treatment and demonstrates the importance of looking to nature for innovations in disease treatment.”

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