Is Excess Sugar Linked to Cancer”

logo1267406_mdWhat has long been known by alternative physicians and others who use non-traditional approaches to cancer treatment has not been researched and shown to be true -there is a link between sugar and cancer. In recent research published in Molecular Cell researchers concluded that sustained high levels of sugar, as is found in diabetes, damage our cells and now is shown that it can increase our changes of having cancer.Ā  It was known that in obesity and diabetes the body fails to control, blood sugar levels but less was known about this connection with cancer. But now it is known that the diabetes population has up to double chances to suffer pancreatic or colon cancer risk. This research a key mechanism that links obesity and diabetes with cancer and that is high sugar levels which increase activities of a gene widely implicated in cancer progression.

The researchers were studying how cells in the intestines respondf to sugars and signal the pancreas to release insulin, the key hormone that controls blood sugar levels. Sugars in the intestines trigger cells to release a protein called GIP that enhances insulin release by the pancreas. In this study they showed that the ability of the intestinal cells to secrete GIP is controlled by a protein calledĪ²-catenin, and its activity is strictly dependent upon sugar levels. The researcher said “We were surprised to realize that changes in our metabolism caused by dietary sugar impact our cancer risk. We are now investigating what other dietary components may influence our cancer risk. Changing diet is one of the easiest strategies that can potentially save a lot of suffering and money.”

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