Can Omega-3 Supplements Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

logo1267406_md A new study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that taking omega-3 fish oil supplements could help protect against skin cancer. Seventy nine healthy individual participated in the clinical trial. Those who participated took a 4 g dose of omega-3 comparable to a portion and a half of fish and were also exposed to an equivalent of either8, 15, or 30 minutesĀ  of summer midday sun using a special light machine. The controls took a placebo before being exposed to sunlight. Immunosuppression was 50% lower in subjects who took the supplement and were exposed to 8 or 15 minutes of sun when compared with the controls. However, there was little influence on those who were exposed to sunlight for 30 minutes. Researchers warned that omega-3 is not a substitute for sun screen but instead a small measure to help protect against sun damage.

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