Are Soy and Tomato Effective in Preventing Prostate Cancer?

logo1267406_mdNew research published  in several news sources concluded that tomatoes and soy foods may be more effective in preventing prostate cancer when they are eaten together  than when either is eaten alone.  Genetically engineered mice were used that would develop an aggressive form of prostate cancer and all mice in the control group without tomatoes and soy in the diet developed prostate cancer. However, half of the mice that consumed tomatoes and soy developed no prostate cancer. In the research, the mice were fed one of four diets from age 4 to 18 weeks old. These diets were  1) 10 percent whole tomato powder, 2) 2 percent soy germ, 3) tomato powder plus soy germ, and  a control group that ate neither tomato or soy,.  The  time period used modeled an early and lifelong exposure to the bioactive components in these foods. The research group concluded “Eating tomato, soy, and the combination all significantly reduced prostate cancer incidence.  But the combination  gave us the best results. Only 45 percent of mice fed both foods developed the disease compared to 61 percent in the tomato group, and 66 percent in the soy group. ”  The researchers said “The results of the mouse study suggest that three to four servings of tomato products per week and one to two servings of soy foods daily could protect against prostate cancer.” “It is better to eat a whole tomato than take a lycopene supplement. It is better to drink soy milk than to take soy flavones. When you eat whole food, you expose yourself to the entire array of cancer-fighting, bio active components in most foods.”

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