Can Nutrition and Exercise Reduce the Risk of Aggressive Tumors in Prostate Cancer Patients?

logo1267406_mdA new study published online in thew Journal Nutrition and Cancer concluded that eating right, exercise, and other lifestyle changes may help prostate cancer patients reduce the risk of aggressive tumors. The study looked at some of the lifestyle recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund that included desirable ranges of body mass index, physical activity, foods of low calorie density, fruit and non-starchy vegetables, salt, legumes, unrefined grains and red meat consumption.

Two thousand, two hundred twelve African=American or Caucasian-American men between the ages of 40 and 70 with newly diagnosed prostate cancer were included in the study. Recommendations are intended to decrease overall risk of cancer, and are recommended for cancer survivors.

In the study they found that adherence to¬† fewer than four of the eight recommendations (identified above) predicted a 38 percent increased risk of aggressive tumors compared to adherence to four or more recommendations. Results were statistically significant and similar ampong black and wjhite men despite a baseline higher risk of highly aggressive tumors among black men. The researchers said “Most men are at risk of prostate cancer, but it is the level of aggressiveness of disease that is most clinically relevant,.” These findings suggest that even men with prostate cancer can take control of their disease and moderate its aggressiveness through diet and lifestyle choices.”

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