Kelley Eidem Completes Cancer Series and Monique Chapman Starts Holistic Wellness Series


costume1-244x300My guests on Saturday are Kelley Eidem who will complete the cancer series and Monique Chapman who will start the holistic wellness series.

The odyssey of Kelley Eidem  started in his  mid twenties when he was diagnosed with a serious chronic kidney ailment called glomererulonephritis that is a serious inflammation or breakdown of the tiny tubules in the kidneys that filter waste product from the blood.He  was lucky enough to locate a holistic M.D. who helped him turn his illness around

One of the things he had Kelley  do was to take long hot  baths in order to detoxify himself through sweating.His schedule had him doing these baths on a Saturday night when most young men would be engaged in other activities.

 But as his health improved, the intense experience of the baths gave him the desire to want to help others who were suffering from health problems. Only back in those days, no one wanted to listen. 

 About 15 years later Kelley was interviewing Congressman Peter Defazio of Oregon in his offices for an article he was writing regarding his support for the Access To Medical Treatment Act, a bill that would give doctors greater freedom in how they practiced medicine.

The Congressman told me about a Senate Hearing regarding alternative treatments for cancer. In the transcripts from that hearing, a man by the name of Vernon Morin was telling the Senate Committee about how his three-year-old daughter had made a miraculous recovery after being near death and with no hope.Vernon had taken his daughter to see Dr. Emanuel Revici, a medical doctor practicing in New York City.

 Kelley called Vernon and they spoke for 2 hours. Shortly thereafter the Revici Clinic sent Kelley  some information about Dr. Revici and his work. Upon reading the packet it struck Kelley  like a lightening bolt that Dr. Revici’s story and work weren’t an article but a book.

Three years later Kelley’s book entitled The Doctor Who Cures Cancer became a reality. The book was the fruition of a dream that first came forth during those Saturday night detoxifying baths.

Monique Chapman-Internationally renowned Intuitive Lifestyle Consultant recognized in the fields of intuition, human potential, metaphysics, and spirituality. Intuitive since birth Monique draws upon her 3 decades of professional experience providing clear-cut information assisting people to discover their life passion, laying the foundation to set and achieve personal and professional goals. An award winning radio host, she’s an author and has been featured on CBS, MTV, and contributed to Good Morning America.

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