Can Broccoll Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer?

logo1267406_mdA  new study from the U of Arizona is evaluating whether the use of sulforaphane, a naturally occurring– compound  from broccoli with known chemo preventive properties, placed on the skin can act as a preventive for skin cancer. Dr Sally Dickinson says “Even though there is heightened awareness about the needs for limiting sun exposure and use of sun screen, we’re still seeing far too many cases of skin cancer each year.” : We’re searching for better methods to prevent skin cancer in formats that are affordable and manageable for public use. Sulforaphane may be an excellent candidate for use in the prevention of skin cancer caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.”

Dr Dickinson’s research has shown that sulforaphane is a highly adaptable and effective agent for inhibiting cancer causing pathways (such as the AP-1 protein) while activating chemo protective genes (such as the Nrf2 gene). He current research done in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University will test a topical broccoli sprout solution on the skin or a group of people to see if the compound is effective in the context of solar simulated light. The extract has been shown to be safe for both topical and oral administration.

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