Scheduled Show Delayed and Will be Replaced with DVD on Natural Interventions for Lung Cancer

The regularly scheduled show was misplaced at BBS Radio and they played a repeat show instead. Consequently the scheduled show with Tom Paledino will be broadcast on the next show and placed here thereafter.Sorry for the delay.,

As a result I will add a DVD from the 51st Annual Convention of the Cancer Control Society a couple weeks ago about my experience with lung cancer when given 6 months to live by conventional medicine—39 years ago and ZI subsequently used all natural interventions. I used vitamin B17 (laetrile). pancreatic enzymes, high dose vitamin A and E, vitamin B and C, zinc and other minerals and herbs, and prayer, meditation, affirmations and other natural interventions. The DVD is being reformated and will be placed on my site when available. Again, I am sorry for the delay.


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