Can High Cholesterol Fuel the Growth and Spreqd of Breast Cancer?

logo1267406_mdA new study published in the journal, Science, concluded that a by-product of cholesterol functions like the hormone estrogen to fuel the growth and spread of the most common types of breast cancer. Researchers also found that anti-cholesterol drugs like statins seem to reduce the effects of the estrogen-like molecule.

These early findings used a mouse model (that are highly predictive of what occurs in humans)  andtumor cells the study explained the link between high cholesterol and reast cancer, especially in post menopausal women. The research also shows that dietaqry changes and /or therapies to reduce cholestero0l may offer a simple, accessible way to reduce breast cancer risk. The researchers said -“What we have found is a molecule—not cholesterol itself, but an abundant metabolite of cholesterol–called 27HC that mimics the hormone estrogen and can independently drive the growth of breast cancer/” The hormone estrogen feeds an estimated 75% of all breast cancers and 27HC behaves similarly toestrogen in animals.

Researchers said “The worse the tumors, the more they have of the enzyme” (that makes the 27HC molecule. More studies are planned.

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