Simple Test to Detect Cervical Cancer

logo1267406_mdA new study published in PLOS ONE concluded that using the heat profile from a person’s blood, a plasma thermogram, can serve as an indicator for the presence or absence of cervical cancer, including the stage 9f cancer. The researchers said “We have been able to demonstrate a more convenient, less intrucive test for detecting and staging cervical cancer.”

Researchers said plasma thermograms have different patterns associated with different demographics, as well as for different diseases and, consequently a persons thermogram can be compared to specific demographic reference profiles or even better, to the persons own profile. Further study of this approach might result in the plasma thermogram as a complementary test to the traditional screening methods for cervical cancer, the Pap smear and would be less intrusive and more convenient for the patient. In addition, because the plasma thermogram test could allow treatment effectiveness to be easuily monitored, treatment that was not working could be stopped sooner and replaced with more effective treatment.


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