Has Big Pharm Targeted You?

logo1267406_mdA new study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing concluded that Big Pharm has embraced marketing strategies traditionally employed by consumer focused companies like Apple, Coco-Cola, and Harlkey-Davidson by imbuing their brands with human characteristics in order to boost sales. This results in patients asking their physician to prescribe specific brand-name medications. One of the co-authors said “Pharmaceutical companies can transform products from being merely functional to having emotional value in the eyes of the consumer.” She continues on to say “Pharmaceutical companies give their brands personality traits by relying on physical attributes, practical functions. user imagery and user context. As a result, brand names lie Viagra, Lipitor, and Prozac become shorthand for the drugs themselves.”

In their study the researchers used an online survey and polled 483 U.S. respondents. They rated 15 well known prescription medications based upon 22 different personality traits, such as dependability, optimism, anxiousness, and elegance. Drugs from the big companies such as Pfizer, Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline were included. Results showed that prescribed medication brand personality, as perceived bvy consumersd, had two distinct dimensions: competence and innovativeness. Terms such as dependable,m reliable,m responsiblem, successful, stable, practical, and solution-oriented were typically applied by consumers to brand drugs and showing a preference for overall competence. Words like unique, innovative, and original related to the innovativeness of the particular drug.

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