Can a Simple Handshake Identify Cancer Survivors?

logo1267406_mdA new study published in Support Care Cancer confirmed a link between handgrip strength and survival rates of patients. In the study 203 patients with advanced stage cancers squeezed a device known as a dynamometer with their dominant hand, The instrument then measured peak grip strength. “This measure is one of several to categorize patients according to the severity of their disease. It can help determine interventions they may need, whether clinical, nutritional., or functional” according to the researcher. It is one of the tests that include self reporting or decreased body weight that evaluate patient progress or decline. Classifying patients by grip strength in percentiles would show those in the bottom 10 percentile to be most serious while those in the 25 percentile are somewhat stronger. This measurement allows clinicians to slow patient decline by starting exercise, nutritional or other programs that may yield physical and mental results.

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