Are people who feel gratitude more satisfied in life?

logo1267406_mdA new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences concluded that people who are materialistic tend to be depressed and unsatisfied, in part because they find it harder to be grateful for what they have. They say materialism tends to be “me-centered” and focuses upon what one does not have and impairs the ability to be grateful for what one does have. On the other hand, gratitude is a positive mood and about helping others. Most often people are motivated to help others who help them and to help others as well and is good for our health.

According to the authors amassing more and more possessions do not make us happier, it raises our reference point so we want more and more but without gaining happiness.

For the study 246 members of the department of marketing in a mid sized private university with an average age of 21 were given a 15 minute survey consisting of .a 15-item scale of materialism. Researchers said those who are materialistic are more likely to succeed materialistically but are more likely to be unhappy and less satisfied with their lives and have lower self esteem. They are also less likely to be satisfied with relationships and less likely to be involved in community events.


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