Can peaches inhibit breast cancer metastasis?

logo1267406_mdResearchers in a new study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry concluded that phenolic compounds in the extract of peaches are responsible for inhibition of metastasis. They said” Cancer cells were implanted under the skin of micewith an aggressive type of breast cancer cells, the MDA-MB-435, and what we saw was an inhibition of a marker gene in the lungs after a few weeks indicating an inhibition of metastasis when the mice were consuming the peach extract.” In addition, they said “After determining the dose necessary to see the effect in mice, it was calculated that for humans it would be equivalent to consuming two or three peaches per day.”

Building upon previous research that showed peaches and plum poly phenols selectively killed aggressive breast cancer cells and not the normal ones, the researchers used a peach variety rich Lady and showed it inhibited metastasis by targeting and modulating the gene expression of metalloproteinases.More research is planned to confirm these results in humans.



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