Is there an Association between High Cholesterol and Breast Cancer?


In a study presented recently at the Frontiers in Cardiovascular Science meeting in Spain researchers concluded that there ia an association between high blood cholesterol and breast cancer based upon results of  a study over a 14 year period in the United Kingdom.  This retrospective study included more than 1 million people across the UK from 2000 to 2014. From a sample of 664,159 women 22,938 had hyperlipidaemia and 9,312 had breast cancer. About 530 with hyperlipidaemia developed breast cancer.  Using a statistical model to study the association between hyperlipidaemia and breast cancer they found that having hyperlipidaemia increased the risk of breast cancer by 1.64 times. The researcher said “We found that women with high cholesterol had a significantly greater chance of developing breast cancer . This was an observational study so we can’t conclude that high cholesterol causes breast cancer but the strength of this association warrants further investigation.”

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