Can a Urine Test Improve Bladder Cancer Treatment?

Can a Urine Test Improve Bladder Cancer Treatment

Bladder Cancer urine test: A new study published in the British Journal of Cancer concluded that being able to reliably identify patients with the most aggressive cancers early by use of a urine test, and promptly initiating therapeutic interventions might significantly improve outcomes. The validity of two urinary biomarkers could offer a new way of tailoring treatment. In this research two prognostic urinary biomarkers, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and a protein, epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) were identified and validated in over 400 clinical samples. They found both were independent predictors of bladder cancer-specific survival and have prognostic value over and above that provided by standard clinical and pathological observations. Thus, measuring these biomarkers would offer a simple and useful approach to speed up prognosis and treatment of patients with the most aggressive form of bladder cancer.  Researchers said “These biomarkers alone cannot be used to diagnose bladder cancer, but there is immense value in being able to easily and independently indicate the prognosis of the disease in order to guide treatment and decide whether more or less aggressive management is required.”

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