Does Weight Training Help Breast Cancer Survivors Regain Muscle Strength?

Logos 005A new study published in the journal Healthcare concluded that a weight training regime can help women who’ve survive weakened bodies from chemotherapy regain their strength and get on with their lives. In other words, the weight training helps them regain muscle and bone strength that was lost due to chemotherapy and physical activity. Researchers said “Cancer treatment causes accelerated aging” “What we are finding is that many breast cancer survivors are very weak in the upper body.”  Carrying groceries, reaching down to pick up something, or walking short distances can become difficult. Weight resistance can reverse these problems.

In the study researchers worked with 27 breast cancer survivors between ages 51 and 74 who participated in two, one hour sessions each week using a variety of weight machines under supervision. They also walked for five minutes as a warm up and spent time stretching after completing the exercises. At the end of the 6 months the subjects physical functions improved 12 percent and none of the women experiences injuries or lymphedema-two potential problems that had prevented other researchers from carrying out such a program.

The subjects functionality was measured by the Continuous-Scale Physical Function Performance Test that is a 10-item test that simulates routine chores such as dfoing laundry, sweeping, packing and carrying groceries, walking up bus stairs, and taking a jacket off and on. More research is ongoing.

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