Can a Mineral Stop Cancer Growth?

Logos 005A new study published online in Nanoscale reported researchers found a way to keep cancerous tumors from growing by using nanoparticles of the main ingredient, calcium carbonate,  in common antacid tablets.  Nanoparticles of the  mineral were injected intravenouslyinto a mouse model to treat solid tumors. The compound changed the PH of the tumor environment from acidic yo more alkaline and kept the tumor from growing. Thus, they were able to show that they can modulate PH in solid tumors using intentional designed nanoparticles.

Researchers said most deaths from cancer are a result of  metastasis. “The PH of a tumor has been heavily correlated with metastasis. For a cancer cell to get out of the extracellular matrix, or the cells around it, one of the methods used is a decreased PH.” Thus, researchers were interested in finding new ways to raise the pH of the tumor and do so only in the tumor environment. working with other researchers the team was able to overcome problems in using calcium carbonate nanoparticles.  Injecting the calcium carbonate nanoparticles into the tumor daily kept the tumor from growing. However, when they stopped injecting the nanoparticles, it started growing again. Researchers continue their research to determine the optimum dose to prevent metastasis, improve targeting of the tumor, and determining if it could be used with chemotherapy.

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