BPS plastic more harmful than BPA plastic.

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Recent research reported on CNN news from UCLA concluded BPS that replaced BPA  because of concerns about its harmful effect on the reproductive system in women and may be more harmful than BPA.  BPS replaced the discontinued BPA in plastic bottles and other products and now is found to damage a woman’s eggs at a lower dose that BPA.

Consumer demands have led companies to replace BPA with other related compounds found in many “BPA-free” products. However, the safety of these new products were unknown and that led to this new study. Researchers asked specifically whether BPS could impart detrimental effects on reproduction similar to BPA. A common lab model, the round worm, was exposed to several concentrations of BPA and/or BPS  that approximate the levels of BPA and/or BPS found in humans,. The then followed the worms through the duration of their reproductuve periods and measured their fertility.

Findings showed that compared with controls, worms exposed to either BPA or BPS, or combinations of the two, had decreased fertility. They were surprised to find that these effects were seen at lower doses of BPS than of BPA suggesting that BPS may be more damaging to the reproductive system. The study is of concern because the same reproductive processes that are disruptive in roundworms are found in mammals and BPS is currently found in many consumer products. Researchers concluded that “There is a great need for the coordinated safety assessment of multiple substitutes and mixtures of chemicals before their use in product replacement. But the good news is that a number of governmental programs and academic labs are now moving in that direction.”

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