Are E-Cigarettes Associated with Successful Attempts to Quit Smoking?


A study reported in the British Medical Journal concluded that  the use of e-cigarettes in England has been associated with a higher rate of successful attempts to quit smoking.  Statistics showed that in 2015 an additional estimated 18,000 long term smokers in England may have quit as a result of e-cigarettes.  Researchers concluded “although these numbers are relatively small, they are clinically significant because of the huge health gains from stopping smoking.” For example, they said a 40 year old smoker who quit permanently could extend her/his life by 9 years compared to one who continued to smoke. They also say that their findings “conflict with the hypothesis that an increase in populations use of e-cigarettes undermine quitting in general.” They concludced that more research was needed.

NB: It should be mentioned that some research has found that e-cagarettes are harmful to health.

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