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Twelve Year Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor, Susan Gonzalez.

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Buy Xanax Tablets Online Susan Gonzalez is a nurse, Certified Professional Cancer Coach, certified in plant-based nutrition, and a 12 year stage III lobular breast cancer survivor. She is an advocate for health and wellness with a focus on cancer prevention and the use of holistic healing for cancer survival.  Her popular book, “100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It”, and her award winning blog, “The Savvy Sister: simple changes for healthy living”, provides valuable tools for those wishing to live a happy and healthy life after cancer.

Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk As a warrior for cancer survivors, she hosts her own website,, where survivors can find information on healing the body, mind and spirit to reduce their risk of cancer recurrence.  Susan is also the creator of MOON Organics: a natural skin care company created for those who want to avoid cancer-causing chemicals. You can see all her products at Susan lives in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters. I previously interviewed my colleague, Susan,  5 years ago. Enjoy the Interview below:

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Longest Lung Cancer Survivor Used Vitamin B17 (laetrile) and Other Natural Interventions

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 chelvie4b

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Teva Below you will find the video presentation  from the 41st annual convention of the Cancer Control Society a couple weeks ago in which I discuss the natural interventions used when diagnosed with lung cancer 39 years ago. These included such interventions as laetrile, pancreatic enzymes, therapeutic doses of vitamin and minerals, herbs, a vegan type diet, prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualization, serving others, and other holistic interventions. I also discussed the ways I have remain cancer free and healthy over the past 37 years since recovery from cancer, and the value of a holistic approach. Enjoy.–GXwBFjdI Tags:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Shu'em Healer and Shaman Stefan Wils from the Netherlands to be on the Holistic Health Show

Sunday, January 30th, 2011 Shuem Shamantic Dr Carl O Helvie, Host, Holistic Health Show, will interview Stefan Wils, a Shu’em Healer and Shaman on the next show on BBS Radio Saturday as part of the Spirituality, Healing and Faith series. Stefan has given many thousands of healings starting in 1986 where Shuem Shamanic Healing offered courses, meditation, and healing live online. It started as a small healing practice and soon became a training center for those who like to use Shuem Shamanism as a way to spirituality, healing and transformation.

In 1998, Stefan founded the School of Transformative Shamanism where people learn to use shamanism as an instrument to find more peaceful and and balanced state of life. Shuem Shamanism can change one’s perspective on life radically and in a relatively short time many people experience a more relaxed state that makes it easier to deal with life circumstances.

Stefan is an animated speaker/teacher who is able to let his students and clients share in widening states of consciousness in order to experience harmony and well-being in daily life and this is available to everyone through the internet. During the radio show, listeners can participate in a healing ritual. For the healing it is recommended that you lie down and wear headphones, since it is an inner experience. Due to the strong impact of these rituals, it is strongly suggested that you should only listen to the healing, when your attention is NOT divided,, so do not listen while driving a car and so forth. In fact, don’t do anything at all, just receive. Tags:, , , , , , ,
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BBS Show with Interview with Dr Patricia Crane, International Expert on Affirmations

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

In this show Dr Patricia Crane talks about how she first discovered the power of affirmations; how listeners can use principles to create affirmations; why affirmations do not always work; how she cured herself with chronic fatigue symdrome with affirmations and other holistic interventions; and the difference between affirmations and visualization. Dr Crane is a protege of Louise Hay and has worked with her for 22 years. Dr Carl O Helvie, your host, also talks about meditation and relaxation including the process of meditation, preparation, expected outcomes including research studies, and various types or meditation.

MP3 File

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Affirmations, Meditation, and Relaxation as Mental Aspects of Holistic Health for BBS Radio Show

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

On Saturday, November 29 at 8 p.m. EST the Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio ( Station 3 will include: 1) An interview with Dr Patricia Crane on affirmations; and 2) A discussion  on meditation and relaxation by your host, Dr Carl O Helvie. These topics are part of the mental aspects of Holistic Health that have been the focus of the show this month. The focus of next months show will be spiritual aspects of Holistic Health. Come join us. Tags:, , , ,
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